Melbourne Google Adwords Certified Partner – GET ON GOOGLE!

“Google AdWords generates 90 percent
of our business.”

This is a real quote from Google Success Stories. Consider the impact this could have on your business.

Target by Place – Only show your ads to people in a particular geographic area you choose e.g. Towns, Suburbs, Cities, States or Countries.

Target by Keyword – Only show your ads to people who type in the keywords you choose.

Make Your Ads Bigger – With ad extensions, we make your ads as large as possible, with phone, address, click-to-call, maps and social icons.

Follow Your Customers Around the Internet! – Using remarketing, we can keep showing your ads to potential customers even after they’ve left your website. In fact, we can follow them for a whole year!

Beautiful, Engaging Advertising – The display network allows us to create and display images, animations and even video advertising.

Target by Device – Show targeted ads for mobile devices or tablets. Especially important for industries servicing people on the go, eg Locksmiths, Mechanics and other professional services.

Are you ready to start advertising online? Choose one of our Google Advertising options below. If you are a larger company with 50k+ monthly ad spends, please contact us directly.

If you are moving your existing Google AdWords account from another company to zen10 we will waive the setup fee of any plan.

  • Single Theme Keyword Group
  • Local Campaigns Only (eg City)
  • Good for Lower Budgets
  • Monthly Updates & Reports
  • Conversion Tracking & Analytics

$129 per month Small Biz Plan

  • 1hr Consultation Monthly
  • Local, National & Global Campaigns
  • Ad Scheduling & Bidding
  • Monthly Updates & Reports
  • Conversion Tracking & Analytics

  • Unlimited Adgroups
  • International Campaign Scope
  • Ideal for > 10k p/m Ad Spend
  • Monthly Updates & Reports
  • Advanced Analytics Tracking
  • 4hrs Consultation Monthly
  • Remarketing Ads
  • 1 Set of Animated Image Ads
  • Customised Reports With KPIs
  • Call Tracking / Conversions