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See if the domain name you’d like to register is available – enter it below and tick and TLD’s (eg .com, that you’d like to check.

TIP – Choosing a domain name that closely matches what people search for in Google will bring more visitors to your website! eg Lots of people search for “melbourne dentist” so having the domain name would be good for a dental business.




Domain Pricing

TLD Min. Years Register Transfer Renew 2 $29.95AUD $0.00AUD $29.95AUD
.net 2 $29.95AUD $29.95AUD $24.95AUD
.com 2 $29.95AUD $29.95AUD $24.95AUD 2 $24.75AUD $24.75AUD $24.75AUD 2 $29.95AUD $0.00AUD $29.95AUD 2 $55.00AUD $0.00AUD $55.00AUD 2 $55.00AUD $0.00AUD $55.00AUD
.info 2 $24.75AUD $0.00AUD $24.75AUD 2 $22.45AUD $0.00AUD $22.45AUD
.org 2 $29.95AUD $29.95AUD $29.95AUD 2 $8.25AUD $0.00AUD $8.25AUD 2 $42.00AUD $0.00AUD $42.00AUD 2 $24.75AUD $0.00AUD $24.75AUD
.asia 2 $55.00AUD $0.00AUD $55.00AUD 2 $33.00AUD $0.00AUD $33.00AUD
.us 2 $59.00AUD $0.00AUD $59.00AUD
.eu 2 $110.00AUD $0.00AUD $110.00AUD