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In 2010, Mark Thomas and Dylan O’Donnell sat down with a dictionary, a couple of laptops and a couple of double shot expressos and decided to come up with a new business name and mission.

Until then, they’d been working heavily with Google AdWords companies and clients and recognised that a good business is not just about chasing and extracting money from people. Our clients aren’t targets, they are our partners and often our friends. Their success is connected, fundamentally, to ours. 

The online marketing industry is like the wild, wild west. There is no regulator, no guild, no ombudsman. Just a lot of self-qualified cowboys running around with an invoice book and a basic understanding of Google AdWords. zen10 is different, and we nurture our clients rather than “set and forget” them like the cowboys and the big players are doing.

Another area we saw lacking in our industry was the disconnection between Online Advertising companies and Website Development. Bizarrely, these two services are often provided by different companies who don’t talk to each other or understand the goals of the client. When these two things synchronise – they are greater than the sum of their parts. Our adwords clients were in desperate need of website help, and our website clients were in desperate need of online advertising and optimisation.

After 2 days of rejected ideas, scribbles, searches, and more coffee, a particular idea kept coming back on our shortlists – zen – and the 10 core areas the business covered. After sleeping on it, it still felt good in the harsh light of day and it’s been zen10 ever since! Our clients responded positively straight away.

Since then, the business has doubled it’s client base by streamlining internal processes and IT support systems as well as a constant dedication to training our staff and staying current, passionate and informed about new ideas and strategies for our clients.

zen10 provides a holistic, unified approach to your online marketing. Our services are in demand and we prefer to work with like minded businesses who are as passionate and committed to their success as we are.


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