How To Use The AdWords Keyword Tool For Your Business

Finding the right keywords that match your customers mindset is the goal of any AdWords or SEO campaign.

As a Google Certified Company the AdWords Keyword Tool is the application we use on a daily basis to research and manage campaigns for our clients.

 Using The  AdWords Keyword Tool

AdWords Keyword Tool Dentist Keyword SearchExample Results Google Keyword Tool “Dentist” Keyword Search

  • When you first use the tool it helps if you log into a Google  account e.g. gmail, to get the full functionality and not have to worry about the getting the captcha code right each time you run a keyword search.
  • Make sure you set the Location to Australia as the default may be set  to the US.
  • You can enter multiple keywords variations at the one time in the keyword search box. 
  • You can get the search volume for phrase and exact match for your search terms.  I like to check phrase match and exact match (on the left hand side panel)  as it gives me better indication of the number of highly qualified searches.
  • You cam customise the report to show approximate Cost Per Click (CPC).  Emphasis on approximate as actually click cost can be different and often lower in a professional run campaign.  Make sure to change the default to Aussie dollars at  the top of the application.
  • Seasonal trends may also shown for each keyword.
  • When you look at the results you want to look at the column tilted “‘Local Monthly Searches” for Australian search volume in the proceeding month.
The AdWords Keyword Tool is the starting point for identify potentially profitable keywords for you to target in an AdWords Campaigns  and organic search program for your website. Use the AdWords Keyword Tool to get an insight to the online behaviour of your potential customers and the potential market for your business. 

zen10 is a Certified Google Company and we have Google AdWords Management Packages to suit all size businesses. We take a holistic approach to your online strategy including Conversion Rate Optimisation advice for your website, website optimisation for organic search results and improving you Google Place Page ranking as well as AdWords.

When set up correctly and combined with an optimised website Google AdWords can be the most profitable source of leads for your business.

Here is a link to the AdWords Keyword Tool.  Happy marketing, give us a call if you need a hand.











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