In Part 1 of this series we’d like to share some recommendations on what you can do to improve the effectiveness of your Google AdWord campaigns and enhance your overall internet marketing strategy.

The “Landing” Page At zen10 we know the people we send to your website are interested in your products and services – because we know what they were searching for in Google, and we know whereabouts they live. So we only send you visitors who are most likely going to need your help. Where we send them after they click on the Google Ad is called the “Landing Page”. It’s where they “land” after clicking on the ad. Your home page is typically a good place to land people, but your product pages can also be very good. Once you’ve identified your landing page(s), give the customer what they are looking for – WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHY, HOW.

There is no when because this is happening NOW.

WHO – Who are you?

WHAT – What do you do or provide?

WHERE – Where are you?

WHY – Why should I choose you?

HOW – How do I proceed?

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