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mobile optimised websitesLocksmiths are active online. So active, Google has had to defend itself against content spamming locksmiths who realise the value of ranking for their success.

Picture it. You’re locked out of your car, or your house. There’s only two things you can do – Break in, or call a locksmith. So you whip out your yellow pages that you carry around with you and use the index right? Wrong. These days you whip out your smartphone and you google “locksmith” and your suburb. Generally 2-3 links come up straight away and you pick the first one that appeals to you.

We recognise this industry shift and design locksmith websites around this principle. Using our Google Advertising nous and some specially optimised sites, our locksmiths clients dominate their areas.

Check out Melbourne Locksmiths – Five Star whose landing page and website are optimised for mobile devices.

Tablet Optimised Landing Page –

Mobile Optimised Landing Page –

The mobile landing page has click-to-call numbers, and a feature where the user can send their phone’s GPS coordinates to the locksmith! A feature that will grow in popularity across all emergency industries. HTML5 allows you to use location data on the website so there is no need for downloading any apps – it all happens in the browser.

If you’d like a mobile optimised, iphone optimised, android optimised, ipad optimised, or GPS location aware website contact us today.

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