Conversion Rate Optimisation Person Phone FormWhen working with new clients the first questions we ask is – What are the objectives of your new website?

Most clients will say they want to sell more product x, y and z or invoice more of their time if they are a services business.

Before we get to that we need to take a step back……

What you really want from  your website is usually a combination of

  • more phone calls
  • more online enquiries
  • and more people directed into your store / showroom / office

Each of these is a website conversion, the objective of your website is to get as many quality conversions as possible.

Now, we are all after the holy grail of that effortless No 1 Ranking on Google that turns on the tap of easy money.

Our advice is to get the fundamentals right first and design a website that converts effectively.  Then we can tell you how to use Google to your maximum advantage.  Not the other way around.

zen10 is Google Certified Company that creates Conversion Rate Optimised Designs.

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