Most businesses have a specific service or coverage area. This should be immediately obvious to your website visitors, ideally without even reading any text. For example, a Melbourne based service business should include Melbourne iconography within the website’s design. Examples include:

  • Landscape / Cityscape Photography
  • Local Area Landmarks
  • State Shape or Map (Explicit)
  • The Australian Flag
  • Australian Iconography
  • Typography to Highlight Service Area
  • List of Suburbs (Good for SEO also)

Melbourne has developed a unique and recognisable skyline that can instantly communicate the geographic location of your business.  This technique alone can increase the number of website enquires, leads and sales by more than 20%.

Geographic indicators are just one step in the zen10 CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) plan.  You can request a copy of our complete CRO Website Design Manifesto by filling out the enquiry form above. This simple 5 step plan can save you money and generate more leads for anyone using Google AdWords to market their business.

So while you are considering how you can use geo indicators in your website design, here are the three tallest buildings in Melbourne:

– Eureka Tower (7 Riverside Quay)  297.3 m
– 120 Collins Street  265 m
– 101 Collins Street  260 m

Melbourne skyline showing landmarks
Melbourne skyline showing landmarks

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