Mobile SearchIn our experience certain types of businesses make perfect candidates to be one of the two Ad positions at the top of the Google search results in a mobile browser.  For example any emergency e.g. window repairs, lock smiths, plumbers etc, is a no brainer.  These types of businesses do not even need a mobile optimised website as we can program click to call Google Ads that make a call directly to the company. Great for the customer and business.

Other businesses that are highly mobile friendly are accommodation, restaurants and real estate sales.

Mobile searches are on a dramatic rise and it will pay businesses to develop mobile strategies now.

Currently cost per click for mobile campaigns, including click to call, are significantly cheaper than desk top search and achieve higher than average conversion rates.

We can assess the viability of mobile optimised advertising by checking mobile search volume for your product or service and the usability of your website on a smartphone. Google Analytics data will tell us how many people are already visiting your website on a smartphone.

Running a mobile AdWords campaign and a mobile  optimised website can get you in front of potential customers when they need you most. Call us to discuss costs, budget and potential returns for your business.


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