Now that your website visitor knows who you are, what you do, and where you do it, there is only ONE lingering question separating you and the potential customer – Why should they chose you over anyone else?

If you have a strong design already, and have provided a clear, concise description of a product or service they need, that will be enough for some, but not all, prospects.

You will need to seal the deal by making it clear what sets your company apart from all the others on the Internet. You already know this, so share it with your website viewers – get your message out there! Things that might separate your product or service from others include:

  • Having a niche or specialty
  • Being certified or qualified
  • Being award winning
  • Having a higher quality product or service
  • Being cheaper than your competitors
  • Being closer than your competitors
  • Providing a higher personal level of service
  • Offering discounts or promotions
  • Providing a faster service than competitors
  • Providing a more complete range
  • Providing a more complete service

Whatever it is that makes your business favorable over others, identify it and make that clear on your website.

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