Where Are You? Local Search and Google Places

97% of consumers search online for local businesses. Be there and get found with your Google Place Page – for free!

If you have not claimed your Google Place Page do it now. Chances are Google has already given you one with default information found on the Internet.

Complete every field and be clear about the categories, description and keywords you use. The Place Page listings appear for a local search e.g. “dentist ringwood” or when Google sees someone in Ringwood is searching for a  “dentist”. Getting you business displayed can give you a first page position on Google search results.

If you Place Page does not appear for a local search in your area check the keywords have you used and write a more relevant description. Then get (more) recommendations. Place Pages with recommendations display stars icons which increase your chance of being clicked on. Finally it doesn’t matter where you appear in the list of Google Places. People scan looking for the closest or most relevant business.

If you want any help with claiming your Place Page and making changes to help with getting displayed give us a call on 1300 477 121.

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