Yearly Archives: 2011

eCommerce Website Design & Branding – inSauna Infrared Saunas

This is an example of our work in the ecommerce space, customising WordPress CMS and WP-eCommerce to create a seamless online shopping experience. In this case we also integrated a blog on the website for maximum search engine visibility and dynamic, informative content. zen10 also helped with the branding with a lot of thought going into the trading name and design.

In case you haven’t heard, infrared saunas are becoming popular in many homes across australian for health and therapeutic reasons. [Continue Reading]

Mechanic Website Design – Simmons Byron Bay

W.E. Simmons is a family owned and operated automotive service in Byron Bay that has flourished over the years into a multi-workshop business that services the region. If you’ve ever broken down in Byron Bay, rented a car or Wicked Camper Van, or even had to get a eSafety check, chances are you’ve already used them. They also run the busy Caltex service station at the first roundabout into town.

The website they had beforehand (which we’d also designed years ago) [Continue Reading]

Free zen10 Wallpaper Design & Illustrator Notes

We are happy to release a free wallpaper designed by Dylan O’Donnell based on the stock “zen monk” photo. The wallpaper is downloadable in several different sizes and is best on a widescreen monitor.

Download zen10 Inspiration Wallpaper  – 1920 x 1200 JPGDownload zen10 Inspiration Wallpaper  – 1280 x 1024 JPGDownload zen10 Inspiration Wallpaper  – 1024 x 768 JPG

How It Was Designed – Illustrator Notes

First, the monk photo was converted to black and white and levels blown out to make it [Continue Reading]