Melbourne Web Design – Frankston RSL

web-design-melbourne-frankston-rsl-zen10Frankston RSL has been a respected client of zen10 for quite a few years now and recently they approached us requesting a redesign of their website.

Wanting to create something a little more fun and personalised, Frankston RSL presented zen10 with a rough idea of what they wanted.

Working closely with the team at Frankston RSL, we were able to create a mockup, with the features they requested. Next step was to build the website.

Using custom WordPress template development, we had set out the layout and functionality as to their requests.

The new website contains the basic features of majority of our websites including feauture images, online enquiry form, customisable slideshow and gallery.

Feel free to view the new Frankston RSL website today www.frankstonrsl.com.au

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Web Design Melbourne – Oakleigh RSL

web-design-melbourne-oakleigh-rsl-zen10Recently, Oakleigh RSL approached zen10 with a request to design and develop a brand new website that would not only be visually appealing but could be managed by their own staff.

We decided to run with a retro design for this website, as it reflects the old-timely traditional values of the RSL.

Built using custom WordPress template development, the website can be maintained by the staff at Oakleigh RSL via the WordPress back-end; rather than needing us developers to make updates.

The new website includes a latest news area to promote the ongoing events and promotions at the club, fully manageable slideshow and gallery feature and of course an online enquiry form for quick contact.

Feel free to check out the new website in action here www.oakleighrsl.com.au.

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Melbourne Website Development – Farm Mapping Services

melbourne-web-design-farm-mapping-zen10Farm Mapping Services has been a long time client of zen10 and have been happy with their website for quite some time.

Unfortunately with time, websites that run on Content Management Systems (particularly old versions) can become susceptible to bugs and hackings.

Originally built in Joomla! the Farm Mapping Services website is fairly modern when it comes to design, but the functionality of the site was lacking.Due to a recent hacking of this sites old version of Joomla! it was clear something needed to be done to prevent this from occuring again.

Choosing to convert the website to the latest edition of WordPress CMS was the ideal choice, not only for back end functionality but for security too.

If you have a website running on an out-of-date CMS, contact us today!

If you are after effective website development, contact zen10 Australia on 1300 798 901.