Google Adwords Campaign Makes Website Launch More Successful

Launching a new website can be a daunting prospect. After launching a website many hours are spent gathering backlinks, doing onpage SEO, networking, submitting the url and grinding away to build a social media following – then repeating it all over again. Initially, if you’re lucky, the end result of those long hours will be a wimpy trickle of organic traffic. By using a Google Adwords campaign to coincide with your website launch you can attract quality website visitors straight away. With the help from Zen10 to create and implement a successful adwords PPC campaign the recent launch of the website was a success. Eco Citizen website Homepage “Startup websites take time to build up organic search traffic so by getting Zen10 to create a customised Adwords campaign to coincide with our launch we started receiving quality website visitors right from the start.” says Seton Prettejohn from Eco Citizen Australia. A Google Adwords campaign is a valuable consideration when contemplating a complete website launch or a relaunch/redesign of a current site. “With advertising interest already in place on the website prior to launch it gave us peace of mind knowing our website traffic wasn’t flat lining on our launch date and we could show our onsite advertisers their banner impressions had hit the ground running.”

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