Is Christmas A Time To Pause ? (Your Online Marketing)

Many of zen10’s clients have already scheduled to pause their campaigns over the Christmas period. But why pause at all? Usually it’s because you will not be available to follow up any phone calls or leads that arrive over the Christmas break, and that’s perfectly understandable! We all like a bit of a disconnect and reset at the years end!

Other advertisers recognise that advertising over Christmas is a GOLD MINE! Why? Well a couple of reasons… firstly many people are at home for the holidays – often taking some time to do some searching and research. There is a captive audience! The other reason is that many advertisers *do* pause their campaigns so it’s possible that as your competitors pause, your click cost will drop and your ad’s will be appearing where their’s normally would!

Below are long term trend lines for two very different products that synchronise like clockwork every new year. zen10 provides analysis and online marketing for Melbourne websites that increase their Google AdWords budget and exposure this time of year to cash in on extra conversions. You can use Google Insights to check trends for your business and see if your customers are searching more over the holidays.
Hint:  Buoys versus Girls
Google Insights Website Marketing Melbourne

The zen10 team would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas and a prosperous new year.
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