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Melbourne Website Design, Omega CeramicsOmega Ceramics is a high-standard dental ceramics laboratory in South Yarra, Melbourne. They pride themselves on being not just a production line for dental implants but a team of artisans and experts that makes them the highest standard in their industry. Certainly for Australia, if not the world. They specialise in the “All-ON-4™” dental implant that is becoming increasingly popular, allowing patients to basically get a permanent, full new set of teeth in one go.

Our intention therefore was reflect this high standard of quality but also provide the client with a website they can update themselves to add cases, a huge amount of information and visual data. As always we eschew the use of flash in any website we design and paid particular attention to ensure the visual menus and website width worked well on an iPad mobile device. All the slideshows, video and animation work perfectly using HTML5 web standards and jQuery.

The design was also very client driven, arriving at an implemented vision that the customer had full control of during all stages of the design and development. We are proud to launch Omega Ceramic’s new website into the world wide web!

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