Persuasive Marketing – Watch Out For Your Lizard Brain

Komodo DragonFear is an extremely motivating force and the part of he brain, the amygdala, that controls fear responds faster than the parts of the brain that process rational thought. The amygdala is part of the limbic system that we share with all mammals and goes all the way back to the ancient reptile brain.

The emotional charge form the limbic system motivates us to seek signals from others to gain knowledge and align with the convictions of the group for safety.  This is a primitive tool for survival.  Back on the savannah in Africa, the first men found safety in the tribe. To step away from the tribe was to risk death.  This behaviuor is expressed in herding impulses through society today when the emotionally charged limbic system overwhelms the higher brain functions. Ref Robert Prechter Elliot Wave International   Knowing this zen10 has developed a unique hypothesis that we apply to web design and aggressive internet marketing.

We assist the limbic brains insistence to be part of the group and reinforce the motivation to join and be included at the risk of exclusion. Our lizard brain still thinks we are in the savannah and facing the dangers of predators alone.

So watch out for your lizard brain and practice independent thought in any emotional charged situation. Learn to register this experience when it is happening to you and you transfer responsibility for independent thought to a group.

What groups have you joined and subconsciously taken on the group knowledge and convictions?



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