zen10 is a Google Certified Partner and we are supported by Google in managing AdWords campaigns for our customers.

When we research the market for a new business are three areas we consider when we place Ads on Google.

Google Search
This is the main area where the majority of search marketing is done. There are up three Ads above organic search results and top to 8 Ads on the right side of the search result page.

Google Display Network (GDN)
Text and Image Ads cam be shown on Google’s partner websites to promote your brand,  product or service while people are looking at other websites.

Remarketing is a specific campaign on the GDN where every visitor to  you website is followed by your text and image Ads for 30 days while they visit any Website in the Google Partner network.

Mobile Advertising
In the mobile advertising space there are only 2 Ads positions above search results and 3 below.  There is the opportunity to get a jump on your competitors, you can promote your business with a mobile optimised Advertising campaign on Google targeting smartphones and tablet users in your area.

Here are compelling stats directly from Google.  Searches on Mobile phones have risen 400% in the past 2 years. 61% of people call a business after a mobile search and 59% visit the location according to Google.  There is a breakout in Smartphone use, people are using mobile phones to make choices about products on services now.  We  also design mobile optimised websites that are integrated with mobile advertising campaigns.

This is an brief overview of stages involved in managing a comprehensive Google Adwords campaign.  Our job is to make the complex task of mastering Advertising on Google simple and get results for our clients.

If you are interested in learning more or finding our if zen10 can help your business grow contact us for a no obligation marketing analysis for your business.

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