Google AdWords & Aggressive Landing Pages

When we run AdWords campaigns we know a lot about the person who clicked on our Ad.

We know what they searched for, when they searched, where they searched from and whether they searched from a desktop PC, Tablet or Mobile Device.

When they arrive at the Landing Page we use Conversion Rate Optimisation techniques to “persuade” the visitor to make an immediate phone enquiry or online enquiry.

Many of our most successful AdWords campaigns use a single, optimised landing page. They are ideal for Google SEM campaigns where Conversion Rate Optimisation is required.

We show the visitor that they have found the right place and after that the the only option is to make an enquiry. This is aggressive marketing and when you are paying for clicks aggressive is good.

We build Landing Pages where they are the only online presence for a business. We also build Landing Pages as part of an overall marketing strategy for business with multiple products and services.  Here are a few examples of zen10 Landing Pages.

Mercedes Benz Landing PageMercedes Benz Melbourne

Five Star Locksmiths

Earth Aspects Landscaping 

Melbourne Handman Services

 zen10  portfolio and Google AdWords Packages

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